DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Resize columns in MultiMatrix





Funfact! You can resize columns in MultiMatrix and individual indicators' Matrix reports. We didn't mention this update when it was released earlier this year, but we wanted to make sure you are aware!


New selection tool for MultiMatrix


Brand New!



We've introduced a new modal to streamline the indicator selection experience in MultiMatrix to all beta users. Previously, you could filter indicators by several fields, including indicator type, disaggregation, etc. Now, the modal and selection process allow you to view the filtered the list of indicators before you make a selection.

Now when you click on "Select indicators":


You can sort, filter, and search for specific indicators and indicator sets (the view is very similar to the current indicator index!). You can also bulk select indicators in this view.


If you would like to test this feature out and aren't a beta user yet, you can edit your profile to do so.

New notification options for discussion boards





We've always prevented discussion board notifications from being sent to the person who authored those posts or replies, but if you enjoy sending emails to yourself, you can now;-)

To self-notify, add a new notification type, then select "Author of notification" as the recipient. Note that you can have multiple subscriptions to the same notification type, which allows you to select "Activity users and commenters" in addition to "Author of notification" — see the example below:


This works with any notification that posts to a discussion board, namely:

  • Activity discussion board activity
  • Activity reporting period discussion board activity
  • Activity reporting period status changed

Custom activity description fields


Brand New!



The activity description fields - all those text boxes on the right hand side of your activity/project overview tab - can now be customized!

The existing six fields (Context, Objectives, Summary, Expected Results, Beneficiary Description, Deliverables & Reporting) will still be the default for all existing and new sites, but now site owners can add, edit, reorder or delete fields to suit your stakeholders' informational needs and contexts.

You can also update your chosen set of fields over time as needs evolve, but:

  1. Deleting fields (with confirmation) will also delete any contained text,
  2. The tailored set of fields will be standard across all activities in your portfolio.

For more information, see our help article on renaming terms in DevResults.

Custom Fields.png

"Relational Data Tables" now "Linked Data Tables"





The Linked Data Tables feature lets you connect data tables by a shared column. In the past we used both the terms "linked" and "relational" to describe this feature, but have now standardized on "linked".


Fixed: Exensions for downloaded files


Bug Fix



We fixed a small issue where some files downloaded from the documents tab had their extension appended twice.


Transfer dashboard ownership


Brand New!



We've introduced a new ability to the Dashboard Manager role. From the Manage Dashboards page, users with this role will now be able to:

  • See other users' unshared dashboards
  • Transfer ownership to themselves or other users
  • Edit or share dashboards transferred to oneself

This should help avoid a situation where a superstar dashboard-maker leaves your organization, requiring you to do some gymnastics to make changes to their widely-used dashboards. It will also allow for some pruning of non-useful, abandoned dashboards (just transfer ownership to yourself and delete!)


New filter tools for Data Tables





DevResults has just released an update that expands and streamlines filtering and sorting data tables.

Previously, there were limited options to filter the data table index to find everything that reported on a specific activity, for example. We've now expanded the fields that you can filter data tables with, including by column names, column data types, specific activities and disaggregations, and whether the data table has data, is linked to any indicators, or has a lookup key.


You can also export the filtered list of data tables as an Excel spreadsheet.


Logic check index update





As part of ongoing efforts to streamline the user interface, we've converted the Logic Checks page to use the index pattern seen elsewhere in DevResults. The index now supports filtering by reporting periods that have warnings, searching for logic checks by name, and viewing/hiding logic check definition elements in the gear menu.


Notify others when creating a help ticket





You can now notify other members of your team when you create a help ticket in DevResults. We've added a new field where you can add the emails of anyone else you want to alert to an issue you're facing in the site.