DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Change activity display field in Matrix or MultiMatrix




You can now choose which Activity display field — Name, Short Name, Reference #, or Code — you wish to include in your Matrix or MultiMatrix reports, just like you can already do with Indicator Codes, Names, and Reference #s.


Note that any activity with a missing value for the chosen field will instead show its database ID (the 5-6 digit number that shows up in the URL).

New tools for managing formula indicators


Brand New!


Formula indicators in DevResults calculate results from other indicators. Activities need to be assigned to both the component indicators and the formula indicator to be able to report the underlying data and see the calculated results.

We've added three new tools to help with this:

  1. A button that assigns referencing formula indicators' activities to the component indicator
  2. A diagnostic that shows any component indicators that aren't assigned to all the activities of the referencing formula indicators
  3. A diagnostic that shows any formula indicators that aren't assigned to all the activities of its component indicators

1. Assign activities from referencing indicators:

Assign from formula.png Formula indicators already have similar button for adding activities of component indicators. This handles the assignments from the component side.

2 & 3. Diagnostics for missing assignments:

New diagnostics.png

Learn more about formula indicators in our knowledge base.

New and Improved Power BI Connector


Brand New!


Today we're releasing a much more powerful Power BI Connector, perfect for powering your dashboards and data visualizations directly from DevResults.

The original Power BI Connector allowed you to import indicator results data one indicator at a time. This version adds:

  • Support for many different data queries, including: indicator results, targets, metadata, data tables, custom queries, and more
  • Navigation tables to select multiple queries at once
  • Compatibility with single-sign on (SSO) as well as standard DevResults user authentication
  • Better inference of data types on import (e.g. recognition of dates, numbers, text, etc.)

You can start using the DevResults Power BI Connector right now! See our Knowledge Base article to learn how.


Filter Program Statistic Tiles by Geography


Brand New!


The program statistic dashboard tile lets you display stats about your activities and their budgets. This tile can now be filtered by geography, so you could show a count of your projects in a certain region or a budget total in a certain country, for example.

In the configuration panel for a program statistic tile, open the filter section and scroll to the bottom. Choose locations by tag or choose geographic areas to narrow info in your tile to those places.

And you can always read more about dashboards in our knowledge base!


Activity naming convention standardization — 1 of 2(?)




Given that activities can be referenced by four different fields (short name, name, code, reference #), it's perhaps not surprising that we're not always consistent — this is a step towards addressing that.

We've cleaned up about half the references in our app and standardized on the format [Short Name] - [Name]. That means that if you had an activity named Access to School Lunches and you used the acronym ASL as the short name, you would see it displayed as ASL - Access to School Lunches…at least on pages like Activity Overview, Results Framework Objective, Location, and Diagnostics (we'll get to Admin Division, User, and Organization pages soon).

Eventually, we'd like to give Site Owners the ability to specify what an activity reference looks like — which fields, what format, what connectors (commas, dashes, semicolons, etc.) — but we're not quite there yet!

New pseudonym available for 'tags'




You can now rename the term 'tag' throughout the DevResults user interface. We're not sure how you can improve on the term 'tag' but we welcome you to try!

For more potential pseudonyms you can adapt in your site, see our Knowledge Base. To rename a term, contact our Helpdesk at (or by clicking on Contact Helpdesk under the big blue Help button in the app.)

Additional filter for cross-disaggregated indicators




Tiny improvement, but you can now filter your indicator index for "cross-disaggregated" as well as "not cross-disaggregated" (i.e. parallel disaggregated) indicators.


Bulk assign sectors to indicators




This was mostly an oversight that has now been corrected; you can now bulk assign sector tags to one or many Indicators on the Indicator Index page, just as you can Tags, Activities, and Bookmarks.


Bulk add reporting periods by dates from Activity Overview page




Like adding all your reporting periods in one go from the Activity Index? Now you can do the same thing for a single Activity from the Overview page.


The logic is the same as the "Assign reporting periods by dates" button — any Reporting Period that closes after the Activity start date (even by a single day), or starts before the Activity end date (even by a single day), and everything in between will be added with just a couple clicks (you can always remove any unnecessary or partial Reporting Periods individually as needed).

Add Matrix tile to dashboard


Brand New!


There's a new tile available on dashboards: Matrix!


Previously, you only had the option to add a MultiMatrix report as a separate dashboard. Now, you can start creating Matrix reports to augment other visualizations in the same dashboard, too.

Once you've added the Matrix tile, select indicators as you would for any other Matrix report and start adjusting the display and filters.


This feature is currently only available to beta users. Please send us any feedback at