DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Assign reporting periods to activities based on start & end dates


Brand New!



We're on a roll with new "edit multiple" features. The newest addition: assign reporting periods by dates.

This feature works just like any other tools at the top of the activity index. Select some activities that need reporting period assignments (they need start and end dates) and then click "Assign reporting periods by dates."

We let you know how many activities will be affected and all you need to do is confirm.

The fine print:

  • This action assigns reporting periods from all reporting cycles based on the start and end dates for the activity.
  • If the span of the activity overlaps with the span of a reporting period, even by just one day, then that reporting period will be included.
  • If an activity is missing a start or end date, this action will not affect that activity.
  • No duplicate assignments are created, so it's ok to include activities that might already have some or all reporting periods assigned.
  • You can always go to an activity overview page to add or remove reporting periods as needed.