DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Create and update disaggregations when creating or importing data tables


Brand New!


You can now create and update disaggregations when creating or importing data tables. When creating a new table via upload, or when importing new data into an existing data table, you will see an option to "Auto add new values?" to any existing disaggregation. If you check that box, DevResults will automatically add any values to that disaggregation.


When creating a new data table, you can also create a new disaggregation if one you're trying to import doesn't exist. Select "Disaggregation" and then start typing in the new Disaggregation name in the dropdown below. Once you are done typing, click the dropdown option that says Add "[Your new disaggregation]"


You'll then get the option to auto add all the new disaggregation values, as well!


The system also automatically removes all duplicates while it creates new disaggregations and disaggregation values for you.