DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

IATI Hub: support added for @humanitarian flag, first of several humanitarian items





Many International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI) publishers are beginning to include additional humanitarian-only fields in their activity files, partly in response to the humanitarian community’s Grand Bargain reforms as well as the integration of the IATI data standard with the UN's Financial Tracking Service (FTS). Many more will begin to do so now that donors are rolling out requirements for their humanitarian partners and recipients.

In response, we plan to add several additional humanitarian fields to our IATI Hub tool in the coming weeks, but today we added the most basic: a checkbox to indicate whether or not an activity is related to humanitarian aid (the so-called "humanitarian flag" or @humanitarian attribute). By default, all activities are set to '0' or false, but you can change the status to '1' or true by going to the IATI tab for any Activity and ticking the box.


We'll keep you apprised as other small IATI updates roll out!