DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

IATI Hub: support added for <humanitarian-scope>





Just in time for new guidance on publishing IATI data on the Covid-19 response, we've added support for the <humanitarian-scope> element and its associated codelists to classify emergencies, appeals, and other humanitarian events or actions.

To start using humanitarian scopes, first be sure that you or your site owner has added the relevant codelists on the IATI Hub Settings tab. codelists.png

To add a humanitarian scope to an activity, go to the IATI tab for that Activity and click on the "Add a humanitarian scope" button — this will reveal a dropdown to select a scope type (emergency or appeal). The scope vocabulary can then be selected from a dropdown in the table. The scope code and narrative are free text fields, however, and will require copying and pasting the relevant codes/names from the GLIDEnumber (secondary source) and Humanitarian Response Plan databases themselves.