DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Matrix: Now Live and with Target Analyses


Brand New!



DevResults is proud to announce the release of our new Matrix feature to all users. Matrix is a powerful query tool for creating reports. Find it on each indicator's reports tab.

Functionality highlights:

  1. Cross-disaggregated reports (new)
  2. Group reporting periods by fiscal year (new)
  3. Unlimited display disaggregations (new)
  4. Include actuals and targets (improved)
  5. Calculate percent of activity targets and global targets (new)
  6. View information incrementally or cumulatively (now including target analyses)
  7. Show or hide totals for each grouping/disaggregation (new)
  8. Not shown: Expanded/improved filters for activities, organizations, disaggregations, geographies, and reporting periods.


You'll find the updated display and filter options on other visualization tools, including dashboard tiles for indicator results.

Check out our knowledge base article for more information. And let us know what you think at