DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

New Dashboard Tile: Progress to Global Target


Brand New!



DevResults is proud to announce the release of a brand new dashboard tile! The Progress to Global Target tile displays icons for your choice of indicators to show how well you're doing against your targets.


The left-hand configuration panel lets you 1) select indicators to include, 2) choose and the relevant reporting periods, and 3) display the data for either just one reporting period (incremental) or all data up to that point (cumulative).


The parameters for this tile are defined in each indicator's Targets & Data tab. You can set the Progress Interpretation (either higher or lower is better) and define the ranges that show a progress icon for Good (green), Warning (yellow), or Bad (red). A grey square appears on the tile if there are no targets for that reporting period. By default, indicators are defined as higher is better, with good as ≥100%, and bad as <100%, but you can add a warning and set each to whatever you'd like.


Because this tile shows global targets and data across all activities, it is not available to partners. We have future plans for a Progress to Activity Target tile, though!

Learn more about the Progress to Global Target tile in our knowledge base.