DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

New Forms Fields: Activity Organization by Partner Role





The DevResults Forms tool lets you auto-populate documents with your program information from DevResults. For example, with the placeholder [[Activity_Name]] in a Forms template, you can download a document for any activity with the correct name filled out for you.

Today we added a new placeholder that lets you pull an activity's partner organizations into a downloaded document based on the organization's Partner Role. The placeholder is: [[PartnerOrgs:Role=RoleName]].

Background: An activity might be associated with multiple organizations. To define the kind of relationships between activities and organizations in your DevResults site go to Administration > Partner Roles:

Editable grid of partner roles under Administration, Partner Roles

These roles can be assigned to organizations on the activity's overview page:

Editable grid for assigning roles to the partner organizations for an acitivity

For example, the placeholder [[PartnerOrgs:Role=Accountable]] would be replaced with "Gates Foundation" when the form was downloaded for this activity.


  • There are already many template placeholders for an activity's primary organization, such as [[PrimaryOrg_Name]], [[PrimaryOrg_Address]], etc. For these placeholders, the primary organization is always the first organization listed, regardless of what role label you give it.
  • Similarly, there are already many template placeholders for an activity's awarding organization (a separate field on the activity overview page). Those placeholders will always pull information from the awarding organization field regardless of whether you add "Awarding" as a partner role.
  • If you have more than one organization with a certain role, that's fine. The placeholder would be replaced with a semicolon-separated list of the organizations with that role.
  • If your role name has spaces, that's fine. The placeholder will work with or without those spaces included.
  • If you do not use IATI reporting, you can ignore the IATI columns in these screenshots.

Check out our knowledge base for a list of all placeholders for Forms Activity Templates.