DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

New Forms Fields: Progress Interpretation





Last year we added three new definition elements to indicators to capture how to interpret progress to targets. We've now added placeholders for these elements to the DevResults Forms tool. The DevResults Forms tool lets you auto-populate documents with your program information from DevResults. For example, with the placeholder [[Indicator_Name]] in a Forms template, you can download a document for any indicator with the correct name filled out for you.

Today we added a additional placeholders to let you pull an indicator's progress interpretation fields into a downloaded document. Those placeholders are:

  • [[Indicator_ProgressInterpretation]]
  • [[Indicator_GoodThreshold]]
  • [[Indicator_WarningThreshold]]

These fields come from an indicator's Targets tab:

Image shows an indicator's targets tab where progress interpretation is defined

Check out our knowledge base for a list of all placeholders for Forms Indicator Templates.