DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Permissions for editing an activity are now more consistent


Bug Fix



DevResults' permissions are based on concepts rather than pages or menu items. And the concept of an activity could be described as "part of an organization that reports certain indicators, at certain times, in certain places."

Logically, editing an activity includes assigning each of these four components. We recently discovered that users with View & Edit permissions for activities were only able to assign indicators — not the other three.

This update ensures that users with View & Edit permissions for activities can assign indicators, organizations/users, reporting periods, and geographies to activities.

Importantly, enabling someone to assign any of these components to an activity does not allow them to edit the definitions of those things. User groups can be prevented from making changes to indicator definitions, organizations, users, reporting periods, or geographies by enabling only View permissions for those components.

Permissions settings example