DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Rename 'partner organization'


Brand New!



The list of things you can rename in the DevResults interface is growing — now in addition to 'activities', 'locations', and 'awarding organizations', you can also swap out your preferred term for 'partner organizations' (e.g. 'subs', 'grantees', or just 'partners').

Changing 'partner organizations' to a different term is a little tricky:

  • While an activity can have more than one 'partner organization', it has only one 'primary organization' with which all results data is associated, so both terms must be given new names (e.g. 'grantees' and 'lead grantee').
  • Partner orgs and awarding orgs are both 'organizations', so care must be taken to avoid using names that fundamentally change the concept of an organization (though 'organization' too can be renamed if you prefer).

Just send us a note at and we'll work with you to find the appropriate terms.

Bear in mind, this will only change the text of your DevResults site; the DevResults Knowledge Base and all help articles will still refer to the generic/default terms. We do our best to use your preferred terminology in responses to Helpdesk tickets, but we may not be 100% consistent.