DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Separate permissions for creating/assigning "categorizers"





DevResults offers a bunch of options for labeling your program information. Among these "categorizers" are Mechanisms and Status Options (which apply to activities), Sectors (which apply to activities and indicators), and Tags (which apply to activities, data tables, indicators, locations, organizations, and photos).

Previously, any user who had the ability to assign a categorizer to an activity, etc., also had the ability to create new categorizers.

This update lets you differentiate between the permission to create versus assign categorizers.

For example, a contributor on this site would be able to assign mechanisms and sectors to activities because they have "View & Edit" permissions for the activity overview page, but they would not be able to create new mechanisms and sectors because they only have "View" access to the lists of mechanisms and sectors. (The same would be true for the "Status Option" and "Tag Manager" options.)

Categorizer Permmissions