Simplified Mechanisms

Today we've released an update to simplify the Mechanisms page. Mechanisms let you identify what kind of funding is received by your activities (or whatever you call them).

Previously, we offered a system with mechanism sub-types (like "Fixed Price") that each belonged to a type (like "Contract"). Activities were then identified with the Type (Sub-Type) pattern, such as "Contract (Fixed Price)".


These options were more complex than useful, so we got rid of them in favor of a simple list of mechanisms. This brings mechanisms inline with how we manage other category options like sectors and tags.


Your mechanisms table now shows the Type (Sub-Type) pattern. If the type matched the sub-type (like "Purchase Order" in this example), it's listed as-is. This matches the way mechanisms were already displayed for activities, so no changes have been made to how your mechanisms look and no action is required on your part.