DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Small fix for numerous disaggregation combinations


Bug Fix


We introduced a small fix to clarify some disaggregation limits: no more than 1000 category combos will be displayed for data entry, and no more than 2048 category combos can exist in the system, period.

Since about August 2022, both limits were defaulting to 1000, unexpectedly. This was causing some indicators that were previously OK to stop calculating. That has been corrected.

These limits are somewhat arbitrary, but not without purpose.

For direct entry indicators, combining 3 cross disaggregations with 10 categories each will create 1000 (10 * 10 * 10 = 1000) category combinations. That means you're asking a fellow human to enter data in 1000 separate columns, multiplied by however many geographies you have, per activity, per reporting period. That's a lot. Chances are there's lots of tiny errors where a number gets put in the wrong column by accident, and ~80-90% of those cells are empty (because no individual or observation exists for any particular combination of traits). A data table or formula indicator would be a better choice; let a computer handle that complexity.

If you add another cross disaggregation with 10 more categories (10 * 10 * 10 * 10) you're now up to 10,000 combinations (not counting the geography, activity, reporting period, etc. dimensions), and likely to experience performance issues as your browser attempts to handle very large queries. For that reason, 2048 is a hard limit for disaggregation categories. Consider reducing the complexity of your disaggregations/categories, or switching to parallel disaggregation.