DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Updates to data entry grid





We've updated the grids where users enter data for direct entry indicators. These new grids look a little different, but more importantly, this allowed us to fix in place the column headings and row labels. Now, if you need to scroll through a big table, you'll always know what cell you're editing.

GIF shows column headings and row labels fixed in place as someone uses horizontal and vertical scroll.

Along with this update, we've separated the indicator Targets & Data tab into two tabs… Targets and Data. The targets are in the targets tab, and you can probably guess the rest.

Image shows the old version of indicator page options with "Targets & Data" as one tab, plus the new version with separate "Targets" and "Data" tabs.

Other changes you might notice: The comments field in data entry grids is a little different and you can now use the tab key to quickly move between cells.

Image shows editable grid with a blue-bordered comments box when user has clicked on a comments cell to edit.