DevResults release notes
DevResults release notes

Visualization Configuration Panel





Those of you using visualizations on the Indicator Reports tab or trying out our New Dashboard (beta) feature, this change is for you: we've moved all visualization configuration into a consistent left-hand configuration panel:

Why the change?

The main reasons we created the configuration panel:

  • The Indicator Reports tab layout with all the filters and settings near the top was getting too cluttered and taking up valuable vertical screen real estate
  • We wanted a consistent user experience in configuring visualizations regardless of where you are in the site
  • We wanted you to be able to see the dashboard tile you were configuring to see what changed (the pop-up for configuration often hid it)
  • We wanted the dashboard to remain somewhat interactive while you were configuring tiles (the pop-up totally disabled it)

The configuration panel gives us all of this. It is consistently laid out everywhere it appears--on both the Indicator Reports tab and on the New Dashboard Tile Configuration.


The configuration panel is always present on the Indicator Reports tab. It provides you with four sections:

  • Visualization - lets you select the visualization type and complete any relevant actions, such as downloading the visualization
  • Behavior - lets you select the Disaggregation and toggle between Incremental and Cumulative results
  • Display - lets you configure the display elements (style, palette, and time scale)
  • Filters - lets you view, add, and remove available filters (depending on the visualization: Activity, Geography, or Reporting Period)

The configuration panel is a little different on the New Dashboard (beta). It only appears once you click the Gear icon in the upper left of a tile: For indicator visualization tiles, it gives you all the same options as the Indicator Reports tab config panel, plus a title area showing the indicator's code and title and giving you the option to download the tile.

For non-indicator tiles, it gives you relevant configuration options for the selected tile:

With the Tile Configuration panel open, you can click any other tile to see the panel for that tile, and watch the tile change as you edit its configuration.

Other Changes

Aside from the obvious relocation, there are a few other changes here as well:

On the Indicator Reports tab, we've moved the download button for Single Indicator Pito into the left-hand config panel, so it's consistent with all other visualizations. (Eventually, we will move all of the Single Indicator Pito controls and filters there, too.)

You can now download dashboard tiles that show indicator visualizations directly from the dashboard!

The Tile Configuration panel for Indicator Tiles will also always display the indicator code and title, so even if you rename the tile to something else, you'll always know which indicator it's for.